MODUS Centre of Excellence

Paul NicholsonBased in Waterlooville Hampshire, the MODUS Centre of Excellence is a fully equipped state of the art training centre, helping budding darts players to reach their full potential.

Paul Nicholson Coaching Sessions
With the guidance and expertise of professional darts player and sports broadcaster Paul Nicholson, you will be shown how to

  • Build on your existing strengths, plus help you eliminate weaknesses in your game
  • Consolidate technique to cement a talent long term
  • Help you to understand and manage the mental process of the game
  • Show you how to get the best out of practicing by building a structured and purposeful session
  • Help you to identify and harness your individual skill to move your game forward
  • Explain how time management is key to becoming a better player

Paul Nicholson's coaching sessions are suitable for individuals, pairs, or groups. Ranging from one hour, two hours or a bespoke full day experience depending on your required outcome. You will also receive a recording of your session with Paul to allow you to review and refine your game in the comfort of your own home.

For more information or to book a session with Paul, please email