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PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion James Hubbard returned to his former school earlier this week with new sponsor Smart Darts 4 Kids.

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Hubbard, who was joined by Smart Darts inventor and owner Steve Mottershead, introduced Smart Darts to children at Ashleigh Infant and Nursery School at Wymondham on Monday.

The innovative game features a dartboard with different numbers, an empty bullseye and a set of darts which stick to the board.

Children can then throw the darts at the numbers and say the answer to the sum depending on where the darts land, while the bullseye circle can be used by the teachers to write on their own equations.

Mr Mottershead said he came up with the idea for the course through his work as an announcer, which he said had improved his own maths skills.

He said: “I spent many years calling darts scores in exhibitions and events. I noticed that my maths improved dramatically without me even trying.

“That is what Smart Darts 4 Kids is all about. The children will be engaging in a game whilst improving their maths, without realising they are actually learning. It is fun but also very successful.”

Hubbard, who was impressed with the course, added:  “I think it is perfect for helping children to count, which is fantastic.”

For more information on Smart Darts 4 Kids or to order the game visit  www.smartdarts4kids.co.uk

You can buy the game for £27.99 plus £1.99 p + p via the website or by emailing orders@smartdarts4kids.co.uk stating the quantity you wish to order.



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