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THE JDC (Junior Darts Corporation) has secured the interest of and a possible future relationship with one of the world’s top darting organisations, as its quest to provide the best opportunities for the junior game around the world continues. 

THE NEDERLANDSE DARTS BOND (NDB) has marked its approval for a potential special relationship with the JDC to create huge opportunities in the development of junior players.

After highly encouraging talks between JDC Chairman Steve Brown and NDB Director Niels de Ruiter, a common interest and ambition was apparent between them for the future development of the game.

A more concrete plan will need be formalised in due course but both parties are excited about the future.

The relationship in working along side each other will only assist young players across Holland and the UK getting great support and opportunity to compete in both organisations in harmony.

Even though the NDB have not been directly involved in this year’s JDC world campaign, in its support of the development and performance of its players the NDB has allowed four of its young players to attend the JDC’S World Championship weekend in December.

In addition the NDB have provisionally agreed to host the Dutch qualifier in 2019 subject to contract.

The four man squad will be selected by current PDC world number one Michael Van Gerwen. Michael himself came through the NDB ranks as a youngster and is a huge supporter of both organisations.

JDC Chairman Steve Brown said: “This is a big shift in the current landscape of junior darts for us. The NDB is a huge asset to the sport and we are so pleased to be working closely with them going forward into 2019.

“Conversations have been hugely productive and exciting and I would like to thank Niels for his vision in creating this synergy between junior organisations and presenting the idea to the NDB board.”


For more information on the JDC visit www.juniordarts.com

For more information on the NDB visit www.ndbdarts.nl

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