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FORMER WORLD YOUTH CHAMPION ARRON MONK clinched a two-year PDC professional tour card on day three of the 2018 UK Qualifying School in Wigan.

Monk, who’s performances on the previous two days had put him in a strong place to clinch a return to the ProTour, got the job done outright with a decisive win against Lee Evans on Saturday.

“I’m pretty relieved and happy,” said Monk, who returns to the professional tour after a two year absence.

“I’ve seen the opportunities in the game now and the levels of prize money going up, and I’ve seen some of the players that I was beating in my youth doing really well.

“I knew I had to take it more seriously and I’ve concentrated more. It’s a fresh start for me now – Arron Monk Mark Two; it’s a different Arron with a different attitude.

“I’m more calm and taking the game much more seriously. I’ve not set any goals yet but I believe in myself and I’ll back myself 100 percent.”

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