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MODUS’ star players are making their mark with the POSCA pens they use to sign photographs and merchandise.

The unique POSCA water-based paint marker, supplied by Mitsubishi Pencil Co., is ideal for the world’s top darts professionals to personalise products with an autograph.

Photo: Craig Lace/MODUS

The multi-use marker pens are perfect for the likes of James Wade, Simon Whitlock, Raymond van Barneveld and Paul Nicholson to sign anything from dartboards to clothing.

“It can be really frustrating when you want to sign something for your fans and only have a pen that is no good for use on anything other than paper,” said Nicholson (pictured).

“It’s important to be confident that you can sign anything for your fans. POSCA marker pens work on any surface or material, so me and the other players can always oblige and not leave our fans disappointed.”

Jason Thame, MODUS managing director, added: “The players which we represent have to sign hundreds of autographs on a whole host of memorabilia. It is therefore important to have a pen which delivers consistent results.

“POSCA are great for autograph signings due to their vibrant colours and consistency. The silver bullet tip POSCA works particularly well for signed photographs as it really stands out on the image.”

For more information on the POSCA marker and other products, visit their website.

By Chris Murphy

Photo: Craig Lace/MODUS

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