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Five of the world’s leading darters are preparing to go ‘topless’ for a major tournament after agreeing to swap their trademark shirts for paint!

To celebrate its involvement in the fast-growing sport, Leyland Paints has created a Professional Darts Colour Card taking inspiration from the shirt colours of world number three, four and five players Michael van Gerwen, James Wade and Simon Whitlock, as well as Robert Thornton and Mark Webster.

That has prompted the quintet of oche favourites to agree to take to the stage at the UK Open at Bolton in June without their shirts, and instead cover their entire upper body in Leyland Paint, sprayed in their respective darts shirt colour.

“There are going to be some interesting sights with the five of us covered in sprayed on Leyland paint but it will be great fun,” said 44-year-old Australian Whitlock.

“I think my throwing arm will be freed up by replacing the shirt with spray paint so I’m convinced that all five of us will have a great tournament.”

The Colours of the Darts Scene card includes van Gerwen Green, named after the rising Dutch star, and Wizard Yellow for Whitlock.

Wade and Thornton will be represented by Machine Black and Thorny Blue, while former BDO world champion Webster who is nicknamed Webby will be sprayed in Red Back Spider for the UK Open.

Flight White and Oche Matt complete the card, which is called ‘Colours of the Darts Scene’.

“The inspiration for the colours came from the darter’s shirts and are all colours from the Leyland Trade colour range,” said Vicky Jones, stockist brand manager for Leyland Paints.

“We have given the colours special darts names for the occasion. After all, colour is highly emotive and these Colours of the Darts Scene certainly get the players in the mood for winning. You too could win with Leyland!”


*Please note – the above story was for the purposes of an April Fools joke… thankfully!

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